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Espinoza Stone Founder, President and CEO, Jesse Espinoza began his career in 1989 working for prominent quarry companies located throughout Texas. Dedicated to the art and precision of producing fine stone, he learned the business from the ground up, studying the operations of top quarries. Further expanding his professional expertise, he traveled across the United States visiting various quarries – examining processes and technologies – to learn about and produce better quality and variety of cut stone. Armed with the prowess to operate and manage a top flight quarry, in 1996, he formed Espinoza Stone with one quarry, now known as Georgetown 1, and six employees. During the early years of the business, his masons used homemade chopping equipment to produce cut stone. As the business grew rapidly, Mr. Espinoza was able to purchase additional choppers, saws and cutting equipment to expand his line of cut stone varieties, color selections and cuts. 

In 2001, Mr. Espinoza acquired his second quarry, now known as Georgetown 2, and added to an already impressive line of cut stone. As Espinoza Stone became one of the top producers of quality stone products in Central Texas and throughout the state, in 2002 he expanded his product line with an investment in CNC™ machinery and equipment that works with computer-aided design and drafting (CAD) software. With this new capability, the company is able to offer its customers custom-made architectural elements like columns, balusters and balustrades, window sills, door and window surrounds, fireplaces, fountains and garden ornaments, and pool copings to name a few. With this innovation and technology, our customers have the ability to order from our custom inventory, or create their own custom-designed architectural elements from any block of stone. 

In 2008, Lampasas, San Saba, Langtry, Lueders and Granbury  quarries were brought online in Texas. In 2009, a New Braunfels, Texas retail location opened for South Austin and San Antonio customers. 

Today, with eight quarries, over 100 employees, and an extensive line of both custom designs and stone veneer products, Espinoza Stone, Inc., has grown to be the eminent purveyor of quality stone products at affordable prices.